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Austen Pedigree

Austen came from our good friend Barbara Sikkink and when the litter was 3 1/2 weeks old we picked her out as the special one... the one with so much breed type and balance, she was clearly the star. When we learned she was going to be a long coat we decided then and there it was time for us to bring another long coat into our breeding program. It had been over twenty five years since our stunning "Ben" granddaughter gave us such an amazing foundation. Austen's genetics for her super type and soundness were too important to throw away because of one minor flaw so we brought her into our breeding program in hopes of producing her level of quality one day in a short coated version.

As well as her amazing head piece, Austen brings a near perfect footfall from her tremendous balance, lovely shoulder layback, exactly correct moderately angulated rear, proper let down of hock, stunning feet, solid bone and body substance and dead level topline. Her black-black eyes, little forward set ears, phenomenal strong, well arched neck and forechest rarely seen in our breed today say Akita loud and clear no matter what length her coat. The frosting on this near perfect cake is a temperament that's calm, sweet, easy natured and as super trainable as her mother. While it's somewhat futile to show her in conformation with the current attitude towards the long coats, we hope to put many performance titles on her in the future. With an eye on some of those performance titles, we bred her early to our young male Danno, himself having a pretty amazing head piece. After this litter is weaned, it's training, training, training and onto some letters after her name!