BISS CH Nia Minda Catcher In The Rye TT ROMP 

GCH Minda & Midnite Valley Of The Dolls
Barbie's pedigree​

Barbie is the product of a back in time breeding. Catcher was a pivotal dog in our breeding program in his era but there's never any guarantee the qualities that made him exciting in those days would blend with our current bitches. Barbie is the happy product of that blend and we think it worked!  

Like her father, and many of the dogs in our breeding program, she has been slow to mature, and at this time (20 months) she's still not the finished product. But she has developed into a good sized girl with nice length of leg, deep body with well sprung ribs and solid level topline. Her head is a pretty combination of both her sire and dam with a lovely stop, strong jaw and cheeks, lots of top skull and well set ears. She has a tremendous crest of neck with a beautiful, correctly angulated shoulder, wide chest with lots of well developed muscle. Her rear balances her front nicely with moderate angles, good length of hock for some height and a very strong, well muscled thigh. With lovely balance in all areas, width, depth, length, head, and substance, nothing is exaggerated or overdone. 

In the personality department, she took all the silliness of both her parents and added a large dose of mischief and an even bigger dose of quick wit. Her sense of humor is full force all the time and she is always ready for any sort of game. She has been jokingly known most of her life as the Barbarian for all those times over the top silliness gets the better of her. But civilization is slowly approaching and more and more she's known as Barbie... not a fashion doll yet and maybe she never will be but she's so much fun as a real life, rolicking model of charm and cuteness with a lot of mischief thrown in!