CH Minda Kawela Hawaii Five-O x Akiko Minda Trip The Light Fantastic
OFA Good, Patellae Normal, Elbows Normal, ACVO pending‚Äč

Lanai's registered name came from a movie we've never seen but went with both her parents' names in an odd way and several of the old dogs in our pedigrees were "express" names. Her call name came from Danno's breeder who said that the island of Lanai was a pineapple plantation owned by Dole. 

More like a Pineapple Upside Down Cake rather than the pineapple itself, she is sweet, unique, inventive, charming, knows no stranger and few bounds. Like her half sister Charley, she has a beautiful well balanced body with lovely bone, feet and angles. While her colouring harks back to some of her Akiko lineage, her delightful enthusiasm and joy are classic Minda. More words are unnecessary as her pictures say volumes. Thank you Martine Maitoza for the lovely pictures of Lanai at her first show where she came away with Winners Bitch two of the days and four points towards her championship. A promising start for this young girl!