mBISS Am/MexCH Minda’s Kiss The Girls RN CGC TT VA ROM AOM
Sweet Hot’N Spicy de Champernoune
OFA: Excellent
ACVO cleared 2009

Libby is exactly what we were hoping for from our lovely Vuitton x Georgie breeding.  A beautiful brindle with lots of white flash, lovely head type, incredible structure and movement, she has one of the most solid toplines I have seen in years.  We were hoping for the great qualities of both parents to come together and we were not disappointed.  Libby adds her own special brand of cleverness and mischievousness into the package making her a delight to own and an adventure to show!  She is co-owned with Lynn Morgan and will soon resume her show career after her time off for maternity duties.  She has her first major already in only two weekends out.